Accelerating Bachelors Degree Completion in Infographics

FASTER! An Accelerated Bachelors Degree in Infographics

Accelerating bachelors degree completion sounds like a great idea.

It actually is a great idea.

Unless you’re between 18 and 22 years old and looking to smell the roses, why spend any more time – and money – than necessary to finish a degree?

THE Challenge to Acceleration

However, the process of actually accelerating your bachelors degree can be a bit complex.

The big challenge: Most schools – by far the majority – make more money when you take more classes.

It’s that simple.

It may take many forms – policies, procedures and, often, actual real forms – but the ultimate goal is the same. Cynical? But true.

Very few schools – by far the minority – actually want you to hurry up and get finished.

Oh, they want you to finish … eventually. Attrition (their drop out rate) makes them look bad on many levels and gets them on many regulatory radar screens.

So they want you to finish. But only after they’ve wrung every spare penny out of your pocket and ladled you up with thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

The Solution to Acceleration

If you’re going to complete an accelerated degree, most likely you’ll have to do it yourself.

You’ll have to take control of your own progress toward accelerated degree completion.

To help, we’ve created series of infographics about the issues and choices around finishing your bachelors degree as soon as possible.

The topics:

Choosing a School
Credit-bearing activities
Your degree plan

But it all begins with you:

Next, we’ll take on the topic of choosing a school. Too late to get that tattoo removed?