College is simply too expensive.
And for what?
Speech codes and political correctness have replaced real, challenging learning.
Degree plans are outdated and irrelevant.
It's not a sustainable system.

But if you want to be educated, what is your alternative to college?

Forget School. Go Virtual.

Who Is the Virtual Student?

Learning First

Virtual students are thinkers, learners first.

  • They seek the truth, no matter the politics or consequences.
  • They acquire knowledge to improve life for themselves and others.
  • They chart their own path to excellence in their chosen domains.


Loyalty to schools is a thing of the past. With profits and head counts first, politics second and "research" third, students are no longer the education system's real priority. Virtual students know it is up to them to take control of their own education.


Life changes too fast for "education" to last much longer than it takes for the ink on a diploma to dry. Virtual students chart their own path through an ever-shifting life landscape. They form collaborations, complete great projects and solve problems using the wealth of knowledge all around them.

How It Works

It Starts With You

Education is not about marching through a study program that somebody else creates for you. It's about a learning process that helps you define, develop and deploy your talents, values and contributions to the world.

  • We'll start by assessing your essential talents (your innate, natural traits) and values (your preferences)
  • That knowledge will help us craft a personal Individual Education Plan (IEP) built just for you.
  • You will undertake an adventure in independent learning, guided by your IEP. 

Three-Part Curriculum

Life occurs for all of us at three levels:

  • Cosmology, or the way we see the world;
  • Effectiveness, or the way we navigate the world;
  • Domain, or the way we help build the world.


The Virtual Student experience integrates all three. Your IEP includes components to build your knowledge and capacity in each area.

Open Source Learning

As a Virtual Student, the world is your campus. Choose from the almost unlimited store of knowledge around you to create and complete study plans that meet your talents and values.


We'll do our best to partner you with world class learning (and sometimes unlearning!) to meet your learning and life aspirations.


What's The Cost?

Our intention is to provide a platform on which you can gain a unique, premiere education for the lowest possible cost.


We do not charge enrollment or membership fees. Some of our courses require tuition. From time to time, you may choose to enroll with one or more of our partners. These investments in yourself will pay off for your entire lifetime.

Is This Legit?

Like all real education, it's as legit as you make it. Take your studies seriously, set high standards for yourself and look for ways to demonstrate your learning and you will get a world class education.

Unlike traditional education, there is no tuition so we have no reason to trap you and keep you paying. If you are receiving value, stay with us. And tell your friends, of course.

Can I Get a Degree?

Some day, this is exactly how students will get degrees. Perhaps very soon. For now, all we can promise is that going virtual is an alternative to overpriced, irrelevant education.


Although we make no claims to academic education, we intend for your Lifestream to act as a transcript of the ways you demonstrate your learning. In that sense, it's as useful as most academic degrees.

Your moment is now

Welcome, Virtual Student.

We are building a worldwide network of Virtual Students, knit together by an invisible bond of independence, learning and contribution. We would be honored to have you join us.

What It's All About

The Virtual Student's Universe


IEP & LifeStream

Starting with your Individual Education Plan (IEP), your LifeStream is your guidepost to a lifetime of learning. It acts as part guideline, part transcript to help you stay on track and document the ground you have covered.


Learning to Learn

You've probably heard that everybody learns differently. But do you know how you learn best? They say experience is the best teacher, but the real best teacher is the one that helps you learn what you need to know to get the experience! Your talents and values will show you the way you learn most naturally. 


Your Partner in Learning

Knowledge is everywhere. As a Virtual Student, you will select from the world's best learning resources and experiences and bring them together to fulfill your unique learning and life goals and objectives.

Join the journey

School is over. Become a Virtual Student today.