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Take Control of Your Education

A worldwide community of independent learners

Education is outrageously expensive.
Information is free.
Knowledge is priceless.

The knowledge of the world is available on the internet. It's just not well-organized.

Our mission is to fix that. And to make it possible for you to get the best education in the world at the lowest possible cost.

It Begins With You

Your education begins with you.

That may seem obvious, but the education establishment seems to have forgotten.

These days, education is more about politics and budgets and power than about providing knowledge, solving problems and creating growth.

What It Means to Be "Educated"

Education has nothing to do with someone's credentials or the "elite" level school they might have attended.

As you may have already noticed, the world is full of educated idiots these days.

Education is not about jamming a pre-made curriculum down your throat. It is not about forcing your to meet arbitrary standards or shaming you with "failure" if you don't.

Education is about providing you with the opportunity to become your best you.

It is about discovering your dreams and interests and passions. It is about honing competencies and skills that cause you to flourish. It is about exploring the most important problems on earth and in the realms beyond.

Real education is about offering you the platform on which to shine as only you can shine.

The Components of Education

There are three areas in which humans can improve themselves through education.

  • Cosmology: Knowledge about the deeper truths.
  • Effectiveness: Knowledge about the self, the world around us and our place in it. We call it Effectiveness as it applies to the habits of effective living.
  • Domain: Knowledge, skill and competency that we deploy to enhance the world and fulfill our lives. In our parlance, that's Domain, as in Knowledge Domain, Skill Domain, etc.

Take those three things together and you have the formula for a lifetime of learning. We cannot learn all there is to know, but the quest is a huge part of a fulfilled life.

And that's why we exist. We offer a platform to develop, pursue and demonstrate a world class education designed just for you.

Join Us and start working on your Individual Education Plan right away.

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