How It Works

How to Be a Virtual Student

We try to keep things pretty simple and user-friendly. You’ll spend a little time upfront getting yourself set up and situated.

But hopefully that time will be incredibly well-invested in yourself, your growth and your education.

The Setup

  • Join Us. It’s easy and free.
  • Start working on your talent and values inventories.
    • For talents, we love the CliftonStrengths Talent Assessment from the folks at Gallup. (Not an affiliate link). It’s around US$50 and might be the best investment you can make to learn your innate, natural talent set.
    • For values, Dr John DeMartini has put together a values determination process. (Not an affiliate link.) It will help you see, not only your values, but how they align with your daily reality. Very powerful. Dr DeMartini does not charge for using the tool.
    • To check in with your personality, offers a free personality assessment tool. Since personality measures the outcome of talent+values, it’s a good idea to use this tool to get a general assessment of your personality type.
  • Work with us to develop your Individual Education Plan (IEP). We use a proprietary questionnaire to integrate your talents, values and preferences into a customized learning map based on our three-part curriculum.


Get to Work

With your IEP in hand, you’re ready to start taking courses, encountering learning materials and creating experiences that form your education as a Virtual Student.

There’s no single course or program that works for everybody. But there is a single course, resource or experience that works for each person.

That may sound a little bit contradictory, but the idea is to dig until you find the knowledge you need in the format that fits you best (video, text, game, experience, etc).

Once you start accomplishing your IEP objectives, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Then the whole world becomes your campus.


Education Never Ends. It Just Goes Virtual.

We would love to think that you’ll always be with us.

After all, a single lifetime is not enough to learn all there is for each of us to know.

Yet we know at some point you will “graduate” and become a self-propelled independent learner.

At that point, you will teach others, both inside and beyond your Domain.

When you do, we will be well on the way to creating a worldwide network of independent learners.

And that was the whole point in the first place.

Namaste, Virtual Students. Let’s get this party started.