The Individual Education Plan

Your Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Every person needs an Individual Education Plan (IEP).


With all the knowledge in the world at your fingertips, the IEP process helps you design an education plan that works just for you.

Built around our three-part curriculum, your IEP integrates courses, learning resources and experiences that help you develop yourself along the lines of your:

  • Cosmology
  • Effectiveness
  • Domain


Based on your talents, values and objectives, your IEP provides a path to a relevant and rewarding experience as a Virtual Student.

How an IEP Works

We work together to set up your IEP. Then you simply follow the links and guidance to complete the education requirements.

You take the courses, finish the challenges, encounter the experiences or solve the important problems baked into your IEP.

Then you update your LifeStream transcript and tackle the next item on your IEP.