Our Family and Friends

We’re open source, so we welcome any education, learning or knowledge provider who wants to serve Virtual Students.

Some of those are especially close to our hearts, either as family (we’re part of the same group or groups) or friends (we’re colleagues on a soul journey together).

We also partner with institutions, trainers, course providers, authors and teachers of all kinds, either by linking out or by co-publishing their content.

We’ll always be careful to let you know if we benefit financially when you take a course or program, or make a purchase from one of our partners.

The Plexo Center

The Plexo Center supports alternatives in advanced education. They provide systems and structures that help students pursue career opportunities and self development in areas of advanced learning.

Ficio School

Ficio is a school of emerging science and technology. Grounded in principles of authentic science, it blends ancient knowledge with applications that will define the future.

The University of Unlearning

In a world that changes constantly, unlearning is as important as learning. With a focus on human consciousness and personal development, The University of Unlearning promises to build a solid foundation for facing a decidedly uncertain future.