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The Virtual Baccalaureate Charter (VBAC)

The Virtual Baccalaureate Charter (VBAC) is a customized, practical curriculum of instruction. It is comparable to the traditional bachelor's degree in level and scope. But it is a practical not an academic qualification.

The VBAC is tailored to your talents and preferences. It is built around our core attributes: cosmology, effectiveness and domain. Within those guidelines, it is custom-tailored to you.

The Curriculum Begins with the (Virtual) Student

Your education begins with you.

We could say it "ends" with you, but these days, education never really ends.

We ask all Virtual Students to start their journey by formally assessing their:

  • Talents, by which we mean the innate and utterly unique set of capacities and predispositions that every human brings to this planet.
  • Values, which in our language means the preferences and ideals each person holds dear and which define the balance that signals a good, fulfilling life.

Core VBAC Curriculum Attributes

Given those two defining factors - talents and values - we hold that every person can become "educated" if they develop themselves along three lines:

  • Cosmology, or world view. A balanced, healthy human has a clear understanding and belief about their place in the universe and their role in the grand scheme of the human experience.It may or may not involve "religion," per se, but cosmology integrates an awareness of spirit, a sense of the majesty of the universe and life in it and a solid base of confidence in one's place in the grand patterns and plans.
  • Effectiveness as a human being. Personal development, mental training, self care and consciousness are all ways of describing and pursuing effectiveness.An effective person navigates the world with a grounded sense of themselves, with fulfilling relationships (whatever that may mean) and with systems and structures for dealing with life's inevitable triumphs and traumas.
  • Domain, or the area of knowledge and activity in which one operates, earns a living, solves problems and helps create a better world.We believe every human has a unique assignment for this life, received upon arrival. That assignment occurs within a domain - or perhaps across several - and it is up to us to study, practice, hone skill and produce excellence within that domain, across a learning lifetime.


As you probably already know, developing these areas is not something that can be done in 8 semesters or 4 years.

Education is a lifetime experience that gets deeper as we advance in life. Ideally.

A "curriculum of instruction" just provides a framework for marking progress, organizing study and demonstrating advancement against a set of established standards.

That's our work. We're building a platform on which students can "go virtual," and Virtual Students can become educated to the highest standards based around this three-part "curriculum of instruction."

We would be honored if you would join us.