Is Free?

Enrollment is free.

We ask only that you make a commitment to your own success.

  • Take your studies seriously.
  • Learn to demonstrate what you have learned.
  • Take every opportunity to solve important problems and embrace opportunities with your new knowledge.

What are the Costs?


Some of our courses have modest tuition fees. Our courses are at least partly curated from high quality web resources, so we don’t think it’s fair to charge you an arm and a leg.

But there is a cost involved with development and curation, so we charge a bit of tuition, usually less than US$50, much less when we can.

Also, from time to time we recommend courses from our friends, family and partners. If we do, you can bet on two things:

  • We have checked out the course, the provider and the platform offering it. We recommend based on the quality of the experience, not the promise of revenue to us.
  • In some cases, we will earn a chip of change when you enroll in a course or purchase a resource. We’ll always be scrupulously careful to disclose those cases.


Service Fees

We charge modest fees for the services we provide to Virtual Students.

  • Set up your Individual Education Plan (IEP). Currently, $29. This involves carefully reviewing your talent inventory, values, learning style and objectives, then putting together a customized plan, just for you.
  • Your LifeStream acts as a transcript of your learning and a record of your demonstrations. We charge a small fee to provide you or your prospective employers, partners and teams with a copy of your Lifestream. Currently US$9 per copy.


Additional Experiences and Services 

From time to time, we may offer online or live opportunities for experiential learning.

These may include workshops, meetings, seminars or a wide variety of learning experiences.

As they arise, we will charge fees to host and facilitate them. Always, our intention is to hear you say “wow, I got a lot out of that experience, especially considering the cost!”