Cosmology Courses

Intro to Cosmology

*Explore Your Cosmology
Examine your world view, its origins, assumptions and implications.
*All Virtual Students, please start here.

Spiritual Frameworks

Cosmic Spirit
Examine the role of the invisible realm. Consider Divinity, interconnectedness, and the integration of great spiritual teachings and traditions.

Human Spirit
Study what it means to be human, along with the impact of relationships, harmony, spiritual values and forms of interaction at spirit levels.

Quantum Cosmology

Exploring Invisible Connections
For millennia, humans have studied, practiced and worshiped forces they struggled to understand (we think). Now the leading edge of science recognizes evidence of those forces and grapples with the best way to integrate them into a scientific world view.

Mechanical Cosmology
Review the nature of Atomism, ancient teachings about the origins and shape of the universe and the limitations of our conventional approach to a mechanical universe.