Effectiveness Courses

The Self

*Self Development and Self Care
Examine the nature of the mental, spiritual and physical self. Consider the roles of traditional and emerging psychology in the development of the balanced, healthy self. Learn the power of routines and practices for attaining and maintaining a healthy and vibrant inner world.
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Social Effectiveness

The Self in Society
Combine aspects of social sciences – including psychology, sociology, history and philosophy – from several viewpoints to arrive at a sense of an individual’s place within a social system.

Communicating Effectively
Humans are communicating beings. Whether introverted or extroverted, subdued or flamboyant, shy or outgoing, we share meaning with one another constantly. Examine internal and external communication habits and practices to understand and practice strong communication, no matter the style.

Beauty and Design
The principles of design dictate effectiveness across nearly every domain of the human experience. From visual to auditory to physical and metaphysical, beauty – the execution of pristine design – creates and enhances the flow of all life.

Effectiveness Practica

Physical Science
Understanding and moving effectively in the physical realm crosses the boundaries of the traditional physical sciences. Yet integrating chemical, biological, physical and even astronomical science is the beginning of an effective awareness of the world around us.

Measurement and Math for Effectiveness
Math is simply a way of measuring the world. It is a series of procedures that helps us hone focus, exercise brain circuitry and achieve awareness of many mysteries of both human and physical natures.